Frolicking inside a car

Of all the naughty things one can do in a car, having sex is the least enjoyable. I’ve done it at least three times in my life and the experience was all the same — it’s clumsy, cramped, and messy. You need to make sure you have ample supply of tissues or wipes in the […]

Hump Day

Nothing gets many blood rushing than hearing someone telling me that she wants me to fuck her. The text message shown above set the tone of my entire mood for the whole day. All sorts of sexual imagery flooded my imagination. It took me a great effort to push such nasty thoughts out of my […]

Is Duterte your role model?

This is addressed to all Die-hard Duterte Supporters aka DDS. Yes, you who call Duterte as Tatay (translation: Father) and look up to him as if he could do no wrong. Is he the model for your children? I am sure you can cite what you perceive as admirable traits. You cite his decisiveness. You […]

My thoughts on the movie “Darkest Hour”

I was fortunate to have been able to watch “Darkest Hour” last night. As of last night it was only showing in Greenbelt and Trinoma, and as of today, it is no longer showing. I enjoyed the movie and I have no regrets braving the almost 90-minute EDSA traffic to watch it inside a quiet, […]