I’m a high-class escort and this is how you deal with me

Greetings! Many thanks for getting in touch with me. Since you have expressed an interest in my services, allow me to explain the process as well as providing additional info about myself which I hope you will find useful. Since most potential clients obtain my services because of looks, let me start by describing myself. … Continue reading I’m a high-class escort and this is how you deal with me


Dear client, from escort

Dear Joe, First of all, let me thank you for continuously availing of my services. In the past months, I have been your personal service provider for several sessions and I am extremely flattered by your loyalty. I would like to believe that you consistently avail of my services because you are a satisfied customer. … Continue reading Dear client, from escort

On fat shaming

I’m 99% against what that douchebag Franco Mabanta wrote about fat-shaming. If you are a decent human being, you know why Franco is a douchebag and I’m sure you know why fat-shaming is wrong. But you might be wondering why I’m not 100% against fat-shaming. You’re probably saying that I’m an asshole for even remotely … Continue reading On fat shaming