Hotels and motels during GCQ

Most businesses and industries are now open. Malls are now open. More restaurants are open. More modes of transportation are available but with social distancing. Unfortunately, while GCQ does allow barbershops and salons to open with some limitations, the usual adult establishments -- massage parlors, spakols, KTVs -- remain closed. But what about hotels and motels?

One Cut of the Dead: Spolier Review

It is not often that I find a film that is original, refreshing in its originality, and rip-roaring funny. It is so original that I came in expecting one thing and getting another thing in the end. The premise itself is comedic gold — a cast and crew of a low-budget zombie movie are shooting their film in an abandoned facility only to encounter real-life zombies and their overzealous director insists on continuing the shoot. I don’t want to spoil any more for the first-time viewer, but do yourselves a favor — stop now, don’t read this post (there be spoilers here), don’t read any reviews, and find a way to watch this film.

My daily lockdown routine

Life during this pandemic has been challenging. Because of the new “work-from-home” way of working ,—the separation between work and regular life has blurred. Nonetheless, to keep myself from going bat-shit crazy, I try to keep a daily routine, the same routine I would do if life were normal and I were traveling to office.