I am not voting for…

I am not voting for these characters, regardless if they are leading in surveys.


This week in sex #3

After a brief hiatus (something I’ll elaborate in a subsequent post), here are the top sex news of the week. For this week, we have news of a porn star, news about a sex toy, the decline of sex in first-world counties, worrisome STD developments, and penis enlargement. And of course, what’s sex news without misogynistic quotes from our President?

Sex podcasts worth a listen

When faced with long commute times or distant out-of-town trips, when you need a distraction during workouts, or even when you just need a break from the humdrum of everyday routines, there's nothing like a good podcast to listen to. Podcasts are like TV series for the brain. They are short --- a majority lasts between 30 minutes to an hour -- and they can be educational, uplifting, and funny. And since my favorite topic is sex, here are 3 podcasts that are worth a listen.