September 23 was when Martial Law was declared

Call me stubborn but while the entire country “celebrates” September 21 as Martial Law day, I will always consider September 23 as THAT infamous day. I remember that day clearly. I was still a child then, early elementary student. It was a Saturday so there was no school. I woke up, turned on the TV, … Continue reading September 23 was when Martial Law was declared


Typhoon Traffic

There is something about stormy weather that brings out the desire for sex. And because a strong typhoon nearing our country was forecasted to bring heavy rains, we decided to schedule a sexual tryst that evening. We had originally predicted that work would be called off but unfortunately it was not, so we were caught … Continue reading Typhoon Traffic

Morning Sex

The room is dim with the dawn light. I turn towards the other side of the bed to find her there, breathing lightly, calm as an enchanted princess. My mind is still foggy from sleep. This is a dream, I tell myself with a fiendish smile on my face, but I know I’m awake. Her … Continue reading Morning Sex