The death of a son

A father sees himself in his son. Through his son, a father is immortal. A father lives forever in his son. A son is an angel in his mother's eyes. He is her baby. He will always be her baby. She carried him for nine months. She nursed him and fed him and bathed him. […]

Country or family?

Paolo Duterte, son of President Duterte, is being linked to a P6.4 million shabu bust. If you were dubbed as a "father to the nation," if that title of Tatay (as in Tatay Digong) means that you are the patriarch of the Filipinos, then you have to uphold the uphold the principles of truth, fairness, […]

The Bautista scandal: what I want to know

We now have a new scandal, one that I am sure will be discussed and dissected in many social gatherings and in social media. It will be just as polarizing as a Duterte vs Aquino discussion. It will be just as controversial as the Pacquiao vs Horn fight. Should we believe the allegations of Patricia […]


From far away, the neon signage was visible, a huge black circle with the white outline of a woman in the middle, her index finger pressed against her pursed lips like a librarian reminding students to keep quiet. The brand image delivered the perfect message. A motel is a secret place.  Your privacy is important. […]

Educating Mocha and the Dutertards on free education

I really can't stand Mocha. She represents all that is bad about the Dutertards. She is a fanatic, paid to be a fanatic, in a position to spread fanaticism for the Duterte cult. She does not promote unity but instead polarizes us. She is ignorant and will remain to be ignorant because she believes that […]

Date night

I like hanging out here in UCC Clockwork over at Bluebay (D. Macapagal corner Edsa). I like the ambiance and the food choices, though it could be pricey. I typically order the Stroganoff pasta or, if I'm starving, the Hawaiian pork chop. The place rarely gets crowded and the noise level is not painful to […]