Spakol experiences

I mentioned that in a spakol all there is to expect is a handjob. That is actually not entirely true. While you should expect to receive nothing more than a rudimentary handjob, there are some situations when you may get more than just that. There was Cheryl of a Pasay City spa. She was memorable … Continue reading Spakol experiences


Job interview question: Do you support Duterte?

I'm seriously making this an interview question. My company is launching a job fair soon. I have been asked to participate as an interviewer. I am also in the lookout for senior managers, team leaders, project managers, business analysts. And in these interviews I will ask "Did you vote for Duterte?" Or alternatively, "Do you … Continue reading Job interview question: Do you support Duterte?

Tanya’s Dessert

When my brother left to migrate to the United States, he left his girlfriend Tanya behind. His career was going nowhere and he knew he could not achieve financial independence with his meager paycheck, so he was going to take his chances as an illegal alien at Los Angeles. Tanya was to eventually follow him … Continue reading Tanya’s Dessert


Daily she prays to God. Before meals she gives thanks to God. Sundays she is at church. She sings in the choir. Her boyfriend picks her up. And in private, she whispers. "Let me be your whore." She kneels before him. She worships his cock. Her visage receives ejaculate. She is blessed by semen. She … Continue reading Ecstasy

The assault

He tried the door and found it unlocked. Putting on his balaclava, he tiptoed inside the darkened hallway until he reached her bedroom. It too was unlocked. He gently twisted the knob and pushed the door open. She was lying in bed, clad with nothing but a sheer nightgown. The outside lamppost cast on her … Continue reading The assault