Time to take a side

I had lunch with an old friend yesterday and the conversation gravitated towards the current controversy with Rappler. He was a senior executive from a well-established company, familiar with corporate politics and boardroom maneuvering. I remember him as an idealist, a man for the people, fighting of the under-privileged in his provincial hometown. He admitted […]

Filipinos spend 13.5 minutes watching porn

For the 4th straight year, Filipinos top Pornhub’s “most time spent” list again Based on Pornhub’s annual 2017 year in review, we Filipinos spend something like 13.5 minutes per visit, representing a 43-second increase from the previous year’s results. This was achieved even when local telcos are supposed to block porn sites. As a comparison, […]

Run a marathon

Since we are still well into the new year with people making resolutions, here’s one that I think many should make: Run a marathon. I’ve done a couple in recent years. I had been an avid runner in my youth, but work and long hours got in the way. When I got into my late […]

My 2018 resolution

January 1 is always a day of resolution. We make promises to each other in the hope of forming a new habit that would change their lives. Some promise to diet. Others promise to exercise. For this year, my resolution is to to write at least 1000 words a day. Why did I choose this […]

The self-service option

My libido is once again in overdrive. All kinds of sexual imagery flood my imagination, and it’s not the romantic type of imagery with candles on top of tables and violins playing in the background. The imagery I have is the feral, sweaty, unbridled type played to the tune of heavy metal. It’s been consuming […]