Country or family?

Paolo Duterte, son of President Duterte, is being linked to a P6.4 million shabu bust.

If you were dubbed as a "father to the nation," if that title of Tatay (as in Tatay Digong) means that you are the patriarch of the Filipinos, then you have to uphold the uphold the principles of truth, fairness, and justice over and above your blood relatives. A true "father of the nation" would insist in a thorough and impartial investigation. He would distance himself from this investigation. He would ensure that the investigation is independent and free from his influence. He would ensure that the investigators would be similarly fair and impartial.

He would be fully transparent about the investigation. He would allow it to be published in all major newspapers and social media outlets. He would order government news agencies to dial down the propaganda.

A President has to make sacrifices for the good of the country.

Is Tatay Digong torn over this dilemma? Is he in wracking over this? I doubt. For the so-called "father of our nation," he will definitely protect his son. His pledge to resign if his son is found guilty is nothing more than empty rhetoric. It is as empty as his promise to eradicate drugs in the first 6 months. It is as empty as his vow to commandeer a jet ski and plant a flag in Chinese soil. Digong is no "father of our nation." He is more like a feudal lord ensuring a pure bloodline. He is like that villainous tyrant you see in movies who would lay waste an entire nation just to protect his son.

Do not be fooled. When it comes to choosing between country or family, Digong will choose family.


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