The Bautista scandal: what I want to know

We now have a new scandal, one that I am sure will be discussed and dissected in many social gatherings and in social media. It will be just as polarizing as a Duterte vs Aquino discussion. It will be just as controversial as the Pacquiao vs Horn fight. Should we believe the allegations of Patricia Bautista? Or should we side with Andy Bautista?

Honestly I'm trying to stay away from giving an opinion. I'm refraining from taking sides. Right now I am hearing the stories from both parties and naturally each will have their own biases. Besides, I really don't care about their marital spat. So what if she asks for money? Estranged couples do that all the time! So what if he (or she) fools around? Many couples do that as well! Extortion, kinky sex, forged documents, gold-digging, betrayal — all these are commonplace in other people's lives. It's juicy gossip and maybe people delight in such gossip because it's like watching a telenovela unfold in real life.

But what I am more interested in finding out is:

  • Why go to Duterte to mediate? Since when was Duterte a marriage counselor? Why not the Ombudsman?
  • Why now? What triggered this revelation?
  • How will this affect the credibility of the 2016 elections? This could put the 2016 elections into doubt, and I'm not talking just about the VP elections but the entire 2016 elections!

And, most important of all . . .

  • If a third-eye is supposed to reveal the aura of a person, revealing if that person is indeed good or evil, then why did she marry him in the first place?

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