Educating Mocha and the Dutertards on free education

I really can't stand Mocha. She represents all that is bad about the Dutertards. She is a fanatic, paid to be a fanatic, in a position to spread fanaticism for the Duterte cult. She does not promote unity but instead polarizes us. She is ignorant and will remain to be ignorant because she believes that she is right. She is the epitome of the Dunning-Kruger effect in that not only is she dumb but she believes that she is competent.

She posted this image in her Facebook page, with a caption saying "PRRD: Diktador pala ha, eto as inyo!"

Should we feel indebted to Duterte for signing the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act? Should those protesting against Duterte's style of government feel humbled by this and show remorse? Should student-activists keep quiet now that Duterte had bestowed to them the gift of free education? Should they be embarrassed for calling Duterte a dictator?

No they should not. And Mocha is stupidly wrong in equating free education as a gift to appease the protesters.

First of all, Mocha, education is not a privilege but a right. Our Constitution mandates that "The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels." Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes education as a right. We are entitled to quality education. It's the government's duty to provide it. We may "thank" Duterte for signing the law but we are not be indebted to him. We do not owe him anything. Free education is not some candy you toss to children to appease them. It does not wipe away the sins of the government. In fact, Duterte would have been derelict in his duties if he had not signed it into law.

Mocha (and other Dutertards) should do some research. The bill was not singularly authored by Bam Aquino. He did sponsor the bill and it was co-authored by Senators Ralph Recto, Sonny Angara, Leila de Lima, Win Gatchalian, JV Ejercito, Dick Gordon, Loren Legarda, Kiko Pangilinan, Cynthia Villar, Joel Villanueva and Migz Zubiri. Naturally as the principal sponsor, Senator Bam is expected to get a certain amount of the limelight. This is not about "epal." This is about recognizing the effort he had put in. According to the Senate press release, Senator Bam "defended the measure in plenary debates and interpellation during his stint as chairman of the Committee on Education" and "he was also the co-chairman of the Senate delegation to the bicameral conference committee, together with new Committee on Education chairman Sen. Francis Escudero."

Mocha also posted this:

I will not bother dissecting her points as this site does it better. I will say this, however, about her claim that it was PRRD that allotted the budget: I don't think he had "free college education" in mind. While the Department of Education got the biggest share of the budget (about P700B or 20.9 percent), nowhere is "free college education" mentioned. Don't believe me? Read the 2017 budget highlights as posted by the Department of Budget and Management.

In fact, the bill was filed by Senator Bam as early as July 1, 2016. Since then, we heard nothing from Duterte supporting free tertiary education. All we got from his SONA is a promise to uphold the K-12 educational system (which, else you forget, was something that was implemented during Aquino's term) and the support of the Alternative Learning System (which is mandated in RA9155 enacted on August 11, 2001). The bill was submitted to Duterte on July 5 and it would have lapsed into law on August 5 if he did nothing about it. His economic advisers were against it. Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno estimated that the act would cost the government about P100B and claimed that the government could not afford it.

By the way, Mocha and her cadre of Dutertards can always claim that Noynoy Aquino achieved nothing during his term. That's within their freedom of speech to say those things, but that ship has passed already. Whether or not Pnoy was a failure has nothing to do with the current administration. It adds no value to the discussion. All it does is polarize the Filipino people.

Senator Bam was gracious enough to thank the President for signing the act into law, but I am certain that Duterte's intentions were anything but noble. Letting it lapse into law would have sent the message that he did not care about it. Vetoing it would have cost him popularity points. Mocha has to hype Duterte's supposed participation in the process because so far he has little to show.


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