What I think about when having sex

Man, she's hot and sexy.

Man, this feels good!

She tastes good!

Her tongue is hot and wet.

Man, she's wet.

Maybe it's time to go down on her

Ok, where's her clit?

I wonder if she likes this . . .

This looks like my very own porn film! (While looking at a mirror)

Will she go down on me? I hope so.

I better not come yet.

Ok, what next? Cowgirl? Doggie?

I can't believe I'm fucking her.

I wonder if I can keep this up . . .

I think I'm gonna come. I better slow down.

Relax. Breathe.

Don't come. Don't come.

Is she coming?

I think she came. Now I can come.

(I wonder, do all men have the same thoughts?)


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